Forthcoming Event

EHEnglish Heritage has welcomed the new Planning Policy Statement for the historic environment (PPS5) that has been launched.  The Government's Statement on the Historic Environment was also launched last week and provides the context for PPS5 & sets out how heritage contributes to a wide range of government objectives. 

PPS5 is intended to bring a ‘new, integrated approach to the historic environment removing the distinction between buildings, archaeological remains and landscapes’.
English Heritage took a lead in preparing the Practice Guide that accompanies PPS5.  It explains how the policies in the PPS can be applied and explains how the historic environment should be integrated into & considered during the planning process.
In order to help people working in heritage and planning to understand the implications of the new PPS, English Heritage is organising FREE workshop events across the country and providing additional guidance online for local authority planning & heritage officers, Civic & Amenity Societies and private sector developers.
The workshops, will examine the content of PPS5 involve discussion of case studies.  They will be taking place as follows:
20 April - Cambridge
23 April - Preston
26 April - Gloucester
27 April - Basingstoke
Further details of the workshops will be available on or by emailing or telephone 01600 890610.
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