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CRC: The Commission for Rural Communities have called for a fundamental review of the English Indices of Deprivation in a consultation submission to the Department of Communities and Local Government.  

The Indices of Deprivation (IOD) have been used by government for the past 10 years to identify & target areas of concentrated deprivation.  They have been important in directing significant levels of government funding, both for regeneration and other programmes.
Our longstanding view is that the Indices of Deprivation are not an adequate tool for understanding and addressing the challenges of rural deprivation and a more fundamental review of their use is necessary. 

The characteristics of rural areas mean that the use of the IOD does not give an adequate or true picture of the nature and extent of rural deprivation.
Press release ~ English Indices of Deprivation – Consultation (closed) ~ Indices of Deprivation (IOD) consultation response – April 2010
TfL: To mark the International Year of BiodiversityLondon Underground (LU)  and the Royal Society for the protection of Birds (RSPB) are once again teaming up to launch a competition (runs until 12 September 2010) encouraging Londoners to use the Tube to discover the Capital's rich & varied wildlife.
The competition, Life between the lines, follows the success of last year's Mind the Bird and this year will have 2 categories:
* Projects - asks people to write in about local wildlife and environmental projects
* Photographs - asks people to send in their striking images of mammals, birds, flora & fauna taken near a Tube station
Press release ~ Enter the competition ~ LU's work to protect the environment ~ Last year's winning photographs ~ RSPB in London
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