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Newswire – HFEA: Donor conceived people are now able to get in touch with others who share the same donor (their genetic siblings) through a new service launched by the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA).  Around 2,000 people are born each year as a result of the donation of sperm, eggs or embryos.
Anyone conceived through donor conception treatment, and who has turned 18 years old, is now able to join Donor Sibling Link (DSL), to find out if there are other people who share the same donor.  If there are, they will be able to choose to exchange their contact details if they wish to.
Press release ~ Donor Sibling Link
QCDA: The Teacher assessment section of the NCA tools website is now open.  The submission of teacher assessment (including P scale data) is a statutory requirement for key stage 2 & key stage 3 schools.  Teacher assessment must be submitted before the Friday 9 July 2010 deadline.
Press release ~ Assessment and reporting arrangements resource page ~ Teacher assessment for schools factsheet ~ Video tutorial for submitting teacher assessment using your MIS ~ Video tutorial for submitting teacher assessment using a key stage template
Newswire: The Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was opened at the UN headquarters in New York last week.  The Conference will run for 4 weeks, concluding on 28 May.  During the first week, the 189 parties to the Treaty were able to set out their positions in relation to nuclear weapons and peaceful uses of nuclear energy.
Press release ~ Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) ~ EU High Representative, Baroness Ashton, statement on behalf of the European Union
LLUKGeneral Professional Recognition Learning and Skills (England) Scheme (GPRLS) is still an option for those who are experienced & competent teachers, tutors and trainers.  Rather than undertaking a formal teaching qualification, the GPRLS scheme is an application based process that is scrutinised by adjudicators with relevant & appropriate experience drawn from across the sector.  All applicants are notified of the outcome of their submission within 12 weeks of Standards Verification UK receiving a completed application.
The scheme is funded by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills until Wednesday 6 October 2010, after this date funding will cease and applicants who submit either a Skills for Life or All Areas of Learning application will be charged a processing fee. To check eligibility please contact the Information & Advice service at
Press release ~ Standards Verification UK
Newswire – BoE: As announced on 8 March 2010, the £20 banknote carrying the portrait of composer Sir Edward Elgar is to be finally withdrawn from circulation from 30 June 2010 – less than 8 weeks away.  The note has been gradually replaced by the Adam Smith £20, which was introduced in 2007.  After that date the note will no longer have ‘legal tender’ status.  
For several months from the end of June most banks, building societies & Post Offices should accept Elgar £20 notes for deposit to customer accounts and for other customer transactions.  Agreeing to exchange the notes for non-customers is at the discretion of the individual institution.  The Bank of England will always give value for these notes (and all other banknotes the Bank has issued).
Press release ~ Bank of England
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