General Reports and Other Publications

Home Office: In a joint trial with the Identity and Passport Service (IPS), 160 volunteers piloted two online services aimed at accelerating & toughening-up background checks on people who want to work with children and vulnerable adults.  The first is a short-term process using UK passports, the second a longer-term process using ID cards under the National Identity Scheme.
At the trials all volunteers went through a simulated experience of applying for a position requiring a CRB check including meeting their prospective employer, filling out the CRB Disclosure application form, having their identity authenticated by a counter-signatory and receiving their Disclosure.
Each volunteer completed two circuits; one using a passport and one using an ID card which enabled experience of both proposed processes to derive comparisons.  An independent company, FDS, carried out interviews with the volunteers and analysed the research.
Press release ~ 'Identity Service Proposition - A Joint Venture with the Criminal Records Bureau' ~ Identity and Passport Service (IPS) ~ Criminal Records Bureau
CC: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has published the Competition Commission's (CC) report & recommendations on charges at Heathrow and Gatwick airports for the five years from 1 April 2008.
The CC is recommending an increase in the maximum level of airport charges at Heathrow of RPI + 7.5% and a small reduction below RPI at Gatwick (0.5% below the increase in RPI).  The CAA, having considered the CC's recommendations, and after consultation with BAA, the airlines & others, will make its final determination on the maximum level of airport charges in early 2008.
In addition, the CC also found that both airports had acted against the public interest by failing to manage security queuing & queue times so as to avoid unacceptable delays to passengers, crew & flights.
Press release ~ CC Heathrow and Gatwick quinquennial review ~ Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)
CLG: Major changes in how councils are organised have led to more visible & effective leadership, faster decision-making and better public services, according to a five year study commissioned by Communities and Local Government.
The research looked at the impact of changes in the Local Government Act 2000 which gave local authorities with populations over 85,000 the option to adopt either a mayoral or a leader and cabinet system to enhance executive decision-making.
Press release ~ New Council Consitutions - The Outcomes and Impact of the Local Government Act 2000 ~ Summary of findings ~ Local Government Act 2000 ~ Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Bill
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