General Reports and Other Publications

BIS:  Redesigned PhD & masters programmes to attract & nurture the best researchers are at the centre of proposals to maintain ’s leading position in scientific research published by the Council of Science and Technology recently.

The report, by senior figures from across the field of science (including social science), engineering & technology, analyses the state of science & research within the against a rapidly changing global situation.  It prescribes action to ensure that the is not eclipsed by the growing research strength of & .

A key recommendation is that, over the longer term, the Government should rethink the Master degree/PhD landscape so that PhD degrees generally last for 4 years, with the first one or two years potentially leading to a Masters degree, which could develop specific and widely-deployable skills.
Press release ~ A Vision for UK Research ~ Council for Science and Technology (CST)

DH:  The investment in cycling has improved the public’s health in 6 Cycling Demonstration Towns – and has had a positive impact on its most inactive citizens according to new statistics published last week.  The 6 towns received support similar to that in European cities where cycling is popular & cycling schemes are successful.

The analysis of research conducted in partnership with the National Obesity Observatory and Sustrans, shows the impact an increase in cycling has had on public health - with a 10% reduction in the number of people classified as physically inactive.
Press release ~ Cycling Demonstration Towns – First 3 years ~ National Obesity Observatory ~ Sustrans ~ WHO:  Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT) for Cycling

BIS: The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) have welcomed the publication of the report from the Science for Careers Expert Group.
Press release ~ Science for Careers Expert Group report ~ Quality, Choice and Aspiration - A strategy for young people's information, advice and guidance

Newswire – OofSJC:  Sir John Chadwick has issued his third & final interim report on an ex-gratia payment scheme for policy holders most affected by events at Equitable Life.  It develops from his Second Interim Report of December 2009, in response to which he received a number of representations. Many of these responses have also now been published.
Those wishing to make representations on Sir John’s Third and final Interim Report are requested to send written comments to him by 9 April 2010.  Sir John expects to provide his final advice to the Government in May 2010.
Press release ~ Equitable Life ex-gratia payment scheme: Third Interim Report (VLF 4.7Mb) ~ Office of Sir John Chadwick

NAO:  A report by the National Audit Office into government action to tackle problem drug use has concluded that there has been good progress in a number of areas, including an increasing number of problem drug users in effective treatment and an increasing number leaving treatment free from dependency.

Without an evaluative framework for the Strategy as a whole, the NAO is not able to conclude positively on value for money.  Nevertheless, the NAO note that the Drug Treatment Outcomes Research Study (DTORS) has estimated the benefit-cost ratio for drug treatment, the largest element of spending, at 2.5 to 1 and that the programme has delivered some significant successes.
Press release ~ Tackling problem drug use ~ Drug Treatment Outcomes Research Study (DTORS)

ScotGov:  Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon, has commented on the Audit Scotland report Managing NHS waiting lists - A review of new arrangements published last week.
Press release ~ Audit Scotland ~ Audit Scotland report: Managing NHS waiting lists - A review of new arrangements

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