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PC&PE: Chair of the Public Accounts Committee Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MP made a statement as the PAC published its report - Nuclear Decommissioning Authority: Managing risk at Sellafield.
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NOTransport for London (TfL) sent inaccurate information to van owners about compliance with changes to London’s Low Emission Zone, and this led them to replace their vans needlessly, finds Local Government Ombudsman, Dr Jane Martin.
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PX: A new report by Policy Exchange argues that Justice Secretary Chris Grayling's plans to privatise the probation service, underpinned by a ‘payment-by-results’ mechanism, will only work if the prisons system is wrapped into the reforms and prison governors are directly ‘incentivised’ to co-operate with the new private & voluntary providers who are due to take over probation services.
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PC&PE: The Business, Innovation and Skills Committee has published a report containing a number of conclusions & recommendations resulting from its inquiry into the Insolvency Service.
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NO: There were serious flaws in the way Bolton Council approved a planning application for a large residential development next to a man’s home, finds Local Government Ombudsman, Dr Jane Martin. 
In her report, she says that, as a result, neither the Council’s planning committee nor the complainant knew that the property next to him would be 2 metres higher than his, or that the developer would remove the trees along his boundary. She finds that, had these issues been raised, the Council would have taken action to protect his privacy.
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MOThe Met Office welcomes the Royal Academy of Engineering report on Space Weather, which concludes that ‘whilst the space weather risk can be engineered out of many systems, there is a still a need for real-time alerting & forecasting of space weather to help minimise the risks it poses’.
The UK Government has already made an investment in the development of a space weather prediction capability within the Met Office's existing scientific and forecasting capabilities. The Met Office is currently developing a real-time space weather warning service on behalf of the UK.
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HMICRe-offending by children & young people who commit sexual offences can be prevented, but opportunities to intervene early were often missed by professionals, according to independent inspectors. Last week they published the report of a joint inspection on children & young people who sexually offend; Examining Multi-agency Responses to Children and Young People who Sexually Offend’.
These children form a very small proportion of those who offend, but their behaviour is estimated to account for more than 10% of all sexual offending and the impact can be extremely damaging.
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