General Reports and Other Publications

Defra:  More consideration must be given to the links between climate change and air quality pollutants, according to a new report published by the Air Quality Expert Group (AQEG), which found that:

Press release ~ AQEG - Air quality and climate Change: a UK perspective ~ Defra Air quality groups, panels & fora ~ Air Quality Framework Directive ~ UK National Air Quality Archive ~ European Environment Agency

DTI:  A study which examined how the ‘old’ Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) managed & used science as part of its planning and policy making process, has been published by Sir David King, the Government's Chief Scientific Adviser.

The final report will now be handed to ODPM's successor, Communities and Local Government (CLG) to assist it in its development & use of science.  This report is the fourth in a series looking at how each Government department can continue to improve its use of science.
Press release ~ Science review of DCLG

CLG:  Results of the Fire and Rescue Service performance assessment released by the Audit Commission have been welcomed by the government.  85% of Fire & Rescue Authorities have been assessed as performing strongly or well in the management & use of their financial resources.  All are delivering value for money.

The Audit Commission's report also says that the service has increasingly worked well with partners on community fire safety initiatives.  Good results have been achieved in increasing home fire risk assessments and reducing arson.  They have also contributed effectively to crime reduction and road safety through working with children and young people.
Press release ~ Audit Commission performance assessment ~ DCLG – Fire and Resilience ~ Fire Gateway

Frontline Healthcare Case Study: 4m+ care calls answered whilst £600k+ saved