General Reports and Other Publications

CRC: The Commission for Rural Communities has submitted the 6th of its regular reports to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on the rural impacts of the recession.  The report highlights the effects of the recession on financial inclusion in rural areas, some of the policy issues and makes suggestions for government actions.
Press release ~ Latest report to the Secretary of State ~ Find out how you can contribute to the reports
BERR: The industry-led Automotive Innovation and Growth Team (NAIGT) has published its report setting out its 20 year vision for the automotive industry and its recommendations to Government & industry to achieve this. Key among these recommendations are proposals to:
* Establish a joint industry/government Automotive Council to develop, guide & implement a long term strategic framework for the industry
* Focus the UK R&D agenda around a new industry-consensus technology roadmap, and as part of this, establish ‘Test Bed UK a bold, large scale pilot to develop, demonstrate & build the new low-carbon personal transportation system including its infrastructure
Press release ~ Future of the Automotive Industry in the UK ~ New Automotive Innovation and Growth Team (NAIGT) ~ BERR's Automotive Unit ~ The Competitive Status of the UK Automotive Industry ~ Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) ~ Ultra-Low Carbon Vehicles in the UK ~ Low Carbon Industrial Strategy ~ TSB - Low Carbon Vehicles Innovation ~ Cenex ~ Energy Technologies Institute
HO: The Identity and Passport Service (IPS) has published several documents relating to the National Identity Service, the:
* Cost Report 2009
* Secondary Legislation Regulatory Impact Assessment
* National Identity Scheme Delivery Update
In addition, it has been announced that High Street retailers are in talks to offer a local, convenient recording service to people applying for identity cards and biometric passports.
Press release ~ National Identity Service delivery update 2009 ~ Identity Cards Act Secondary Legislation: An Impact Assessment ~ Cost Report May 2009 ~ National Identity Scheme Delivery Plan 2008 ~ Identity and Passport Service (IPS)
NAO: The Department for Work and Pensions has made progress in reducing the number of leaflets that it produces for its customers and in making application forms simpler & shorter, a National Audit Office report has found. Some forms are still unnecessarily long (such as the application form for Disability Living Allowance which is 45 pages long) & guidance notes are complicated and the Department’s computer generated letters are overly long & confusing for customers.
The Department has significantly changed the way in which it provides information in recent years with a growth in telephone enquiries and in online provision, but there is still progress to be made in moving services online. 
Press release ~ Department for Work and Pensions: communicating with customers
HM Treasury: A reformed financial services sector will play an important role in Britain's economic recovery, according to a report published by the Financial Services Global Competitiveness Group, co-chaired by the Chancellor Alistair Darling and former Citi Chairman Sir Win Bischoff. The Group has proposed a ten to fifteen year framework for strengthening the UK's place in the rapidly changing global financial services industry.
Press release ~ Report of the Financial Services Global Competitiveness Group
ESRC: New research from the Economic and Social Research Council reveals just how great the difference really is in people’s health and well-being between different social groups at older ages, including:
* Those from lower socio-economic groups, on average, die earlier than their wealthier counterparts
* Those from lower socio-economic classes and those with less education & wealth, are more likely to suffer from both self-reported illnesses and also from long-term conditions
* Early retirement is generally good for people’s health & well-being unless it has been forced on them (and this is usually because of redundancy or poor health)
* Older people who participate in non-work activities, such as volunteering or caring for others, have better mental health and well-being, but only if they feel appreciated and rewarded for their contribution
Press release ~ Inequalities in health in an ageing population, patterns, causes and consequences
BERR: In the Government's response to the independent report ‘Review and Refresh of Bioscience 2015’, Peter Mandelson has outlined key commitments to encourage the development of bioscience in the UK and to create supportive conditions for bioscience investment. In July 2009, the OLS will publish a ‘Life Sciences Industrial Blueprint’, detailing the actions is taking to improve the operating environment for the life sciences industry.
Press release ~ Review and Refresh of Bioscience 2015 ~ Govt. response ~ Office for Life Sciences ~ New Industry New Job ~ UK Life Science marketing strategy
NAO: A report by the National Audit Office highlights that the number of deaths among pedestrians has fallen by 36%, but Great Britain is some way behind some of the better performing nations, particularly for child pedestrians.  The number of cyclists killed or seriously injured fell from 2000 to 2004, but rose again by 11% from 2004 to 2007, despite the amount of cycling staying broadly constant.
The DfT has, however, taken a number of relevant measures to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries amongst pedestrians & cyclists, including a general strategy for road safety which has provided a focus for other organisations working in this field.  It has also developed media campaigns (under the ‘Think! Campaign’) to change the ‘beliefs & attitudes’ of road users.
 Press release ~ NAO: Improving road safety for pedestrians and cyclists in Great Britain ~ Road Safety Strategy for 2010 ~ Child Road Safety - Achieving the 2010 Target ~ DfT – Road Safety ~ Think! Campaign ~ DfT: A safer way: Consultation on Making Britain’s Roads the safest in the world (closing date 14 July 2009)
NA: Embracing the future, preserving our past is a new publication explaining what The National Archives are and what they do.
Press release ~ Embracing the future, preserving our past ~ How they operate
HEFCEHEFCE has published a report on the characteristics of part-time study focusing on the completion rates of students entering a first degree.  The report looks at two cohorts of students attending UK higher education institutions who began a first degree through a part-time programme of study.
Press release ~ Part-time first degree study: entry and completion
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