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Ofsted: Local authorities need more information & understanding about home education to provide effective support for children educated at home, a report published by Ofsted reveals.
Press release ~ Local authorities and home education report ~ Related government press release
ScotGovWildlife tourism plays a vital part in Scotland's rural economy, pulling in £ms and also creating many hundreds of job opportunities.  These findings were contained in a Scottish Government report - 'The Economic Impact of Wildlife Tourism in Scotland' - published last week. It found that wildlife tourism annually brings in a net economic impact of £65m to Scotland's economy and creates the equivalent of 2,760 FT jobs.
Press release ~ Wildlife Scotland ~ The Economic Impact of Wildlife Tourism in Scotland Report ~ The Economic Impact of Wildlife Tourism in Scotland Research Findings
NAO: The National Audit Office has reported that most PFI hospital contracts are well-managed and the evidence indicates that they are currently achieving the value for money expected when the contracts were signed.  

There continue to be risks, however, to the long-term value for money of these contracts. Some Trusts are not devoting enough resources – 12% operational PFI contracts have no-one from the public sector assigned to contract management.
It is likely that Trusts will be expected to make efficiency savings over the next few years, but their ability to make savings from their PFI contracts is very limited.  Because Trusts pay an index-linked fixed sum, it is difficult for them to make savings without cutting back on services.  Contractors who secure economies of scale through managing multiple PFI contracts are rarely required to share these efficiency gains with Trusts. 
Press release ~ The performance and management of hospital PFI contracts
NAO: The National Audit Office has reported that the Department for International Development has successfully supported developing countries in progress against goals of universal enrolment in primary education and improved educational prospects for girls.
Press release ~ DFID: Bilateral Support to Primary Education
ScotGov: The potential energy from waste that cannot be reused or recycled has been quantified for the first time in a new report which highlights opportunities from the use of various ‘waste to energy’ technologies.
Press release ~ Energy from Waste Potential in Scotland ~ Waste Policy ~ Zero Waste Plan
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