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PC&PE: In a report published recently, the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee calls on the Government to scrap its plans to introduce a statutory register of lobbyists

The Committee says that under the Government’s proposals, a lobbyist who worked in house for a large company such as News International, or Tesco, would not be required to register, however a 'one-man band' lobbyist would be required to register, name their clients, and pay for the privilege.
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ASI: In a recent report, the Adam Smith Institute says that George Osborne’s plans to replace the Financial Services Authority – discredited over its mishandling of the banking crisis – will make things even worse, increasing bureaucracy and cost on Britain’s key financial-services sector.
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IISS: The International Institute for Strategic Studies reports that the financial sanctions & oil embargoes imposed on Iran since December 2011 by the US & EU, along with the 2010 UN Security Council sanctions, could yet deal a knock-out blow to the country's development of long-range ballistic missiles.
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CH: A Mitt Romney administration would likely seek to expand the US military and assume a more assertive posture abroad, whilst a second term Barack Obama presidency would continue to prioritize the targeted use of force, according to a new US Election Note from Chatham House.
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DECC: Two separate pieces of work that look at the future of our electricity system were published last week by the Department of Energy & Climate Change:
* A response to a consultation on transmission licences, which found that changes to the regime on constraints, could save up to £300m between 2012-17
* The conclusions of the initial Electricity Demand Reduction Assessment, based on internal work and some analysis by McKinsey & Company, which finds significant potential for greater efficiency in the use of electricity.
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TUC: There is no evidence that the pay of teachers, nurses & dinner ladies is preventing local firms from hiring staff, and government plans to introduce regional pay rates for public servants could cost the economy almost £10bn a year, according to a report published by the TUC.
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PX: In the first detailed examination of the pros & cons of same sex marriage, the authors of a paper published by think tank Policy Exchange argue that the balance of argument favours equal marriage. The report – What’s In A Name? Is there a case for equal marriage? – looks at the social, historic and legal arguments for & against gay marriage.
Press release ~ What’s In A Name? Is there a case for equal marriage?
CBI: The CBI commented on a report published by the Department for Business, comparing the UK’s energy costs with other countries. It confirms that the UK’s energy and climate change policies add more to energy intensive industries’ electricity costs than in any other country in the study.
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NAO: The National Audit Office has recommended that a reform programme aimed at improving the management of animal disease, despite being subject to some ICT difficulties & delay, has the potential to achieve value for money and should be carried through to completion.
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PC&PERecent increases in road fatalities should be a wake-up call for Government to step up & provide stronger leadership on road safety, say MPs in a report examining the Government's Strategic Framework for Road Safety.
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NOBlaby Council did not exercise proper control over bailiffs it employed to collect council tax debts, finds Local Government Ombudsman, Dr Jane Martin.
Press release ~ Report 11 007 684 Blaby DC
NOWalsall Council wrongly charged a woman top-up fees for her mother’s residential care, finds Local Government Ombudsman, Dr Jane Martin.
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PC&PE: The Foreign Affairs Committee has called on the Government to make reform-related assistance to the Arab Spring region a priority of its G8 presidency in 2013.

The G8 Deauville Partnership fund identified $38bn of support available to Arab Spring countries in the form of loans, grants, budget support & technical assistance in 2011.  However, the Committee heard that much of this had not reached states in transition.
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OfgemOfgem has published an update on the progress of the Big Six suppliers in opening up the wholesale power market to improve retail competition.
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PC&PE: The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee has published its report on sport & exercise science and medicine and say that more must be done to make use of exercise based treatments.  During their inquiry, they heard compelling evidence that physical activity can be used as part of treatment for a wide range of chronic diseases.
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PC&PE: The Commons Public Accounts Committee has published its Report on Preparations for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
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CBI: The CBI has responded to the Bank of England’s latest Trends in Lending report as it launched a new report with recommendations on how to get growth finance going.
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PX: The lives of some of the most deprived & vulnerable people in London are most at risk from air pollution caused by two of London’s most iconic symbols – black cabs & red buses. Over 4,000 deaths in London and around 29,000 deaths across the UK each year are attributable to fine particulate air pollution caused by diesel engined vehicles, at a cost to the economy of £15bn.
A new report by think tank Policy ExchangeSomething in the Air – says that air pollution is Britain’s invisible environmental problem. It is comparable to obesity and alcohol and second only to smoking as a public health problem, but gets far less attention. Yet some government policies, such as encouraging diesel vehicles in cities, are making the problem even worse.
Press release ~ Something in the Air
HEFCE: How do different higher education institutions approach staff time allocation?  This is the subject of a report published recently, ‘Review of time allocation methods’ (which makes 12 recommendations) that will inform the costing of activities in higher education.
The importance of an institution’s ability to demonstrate accountability for the funding it receives from various sources has grown.  At a time when student expectations & resource challenges are increasing, institutions need processes to ensure a fair & equitable allocation of work.
Press release ~ Review of time allocation methods
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