General Reports and Other Publications

WAG: The Welsh Assembly Government has responded to Consumer Focus Wales E.coli report (see press release for details).
Press release ~ Consumer Focus Wales: E.coli report ~ Consumer Focus Wales ~ E.coli public inquiry ~ WAG: Buying safe food for the public plate
BISPrinciples of Scientific Advice to Government to govern the relationship between Government and its advisors were published last week by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills.  

They set out the rules of engagement between Government and those who provide independent scientific & engineering advice.  They offer a foundation on which independent scientific advisers & government departments should base their operations and interactions.
Press release ~ Looking further afield for specialist Scientific Advice and Evidence ~ Government Office for Science
ScotGov: Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon has responded to the publication of Audit Scotland's Review of Orthopaedic Services (see press release).
Press release ~ Review of Orthopaedic Services
Ofsted: The best schools are excellent at developing their staff and are highly effective in using continuing professional development as a way to help bring about improved standards at their school, according to a report published last week by Ofsted.

The report ‘Good professional development in schools’, sets out the progress schools are making with regards to the ongoing training of teachers & other staff.  Inspectors visited 2 nursery schools, 13 primary schools, 24 secondary schools and one special school, where previous inspections had indicated that practice in professional development was good or outstanding.
Press release ~ Good professional development in schools
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