Guidance Notes and Best Practice Guides

NICE: The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has welcomed a referral by the Department of Health (following advice from the National Quality Board) and will now begin work on setting NICE quality standards for the NHS on the following areas:
* Stroke
* Dementia
* Neonatal Care
* Venous Thromboembolism (VTE)
NICE quality standards are a set of specific, concise statements which act as markers of high quality, cost effective care across a pathway or a clinical area.  They are derived from the best available evidence and are to be produced by NICE in collaboration with the NHS & social care, along with their partners and service users, for use by clinicians, patients, service providers & commissioners.
The statements in each NICE quality standard will be accompanied by a measurable element or indicator in order to enable an assessment of quality and quality improvement to be made.
NICE has established a pilot process to develop its first quality standards and plans to consult on the ongoing development process later this summer.  The first NICE quality standards developed from the pilot process are expected to be published in early 2010.
Press release ~ National Quality Board ~ NICE Quality Standards
DH: The Appointments Commission and the Department of Health have published guidance to help Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) with their governance arrangements for Provider Committees.  Provider Committees are a committee of a PCT Board, overseeing the operations of a PCT’s provider arm.  
The guidance - Governance Arrangements to Support PCT Provider Committees - sets out core principles that should underpin the committee’s membership & make-up and will help to ensure that these committees are able to independently monitor, identify & mitigate risks to patients.  It also offers options for recruiting the independent members and outlines their roles & responsibilities.
Press release ~ AC: Governance Arrangements to Support PCT Provider Committees
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