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NICE: More than 90% of patients are now being screened for their risk of developing blood clots following the launch of NICE guidelines on venous thromboembolism (VTE), latest figures reveal. NICE produced a clinical guideline & quality standard on VTE in 2010 recommending that patients are checked for their risk of developing blood clots on admission to hospital.
The Royal College of Nurses has also been carrying out work to help prevent VTE among patients. It has developed an online learning module which encourages nursing staff to assess patients for risk of VTE, to educate them about prevention, and to increase the number of nurses correctly fitting preventative devices such as anti-embolism stockings.
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SC: The Sentencing Council has published definitive guidelines on 3 overarching aspects of sentencing: allocation, offences taken into consideration and totality.  The guidelines, which will come into force in June 2012, aim to ensure that the principles in each of these areas of sentencing practice are applied consistently in courts in England & Wales.
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CIPDOlder workers are needed to help the UK remedy the challenges of a future employment gap.  It is predicted that UK employers will need to fill an estimated 13.5m job vacancies in the next 10 years, but only 7m young people will leave education over this period. Employers will increasingly need to rely on older workers to fill these vacancies.
New guidance from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD); Managing a healthy ageing workforce: A national business imperative (produced in collaboration with the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives), stresses the need for employers to act now, or risk the consequences.
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CABCitizens Advice response on banks writing to customers who may have been mis-sold PPI;  You can get free online information on PPI from Citizens Advice to help you make a claim, including a template letter to send to your bank.
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CSEF: One of the areas highlighted in the recent 2012 OFSTED evaluation schedule for the inspection of maintained establishments & academies was the quality of behaviour & safety in schools. Under these new guidelines judgements on behaviour & safety will be made not only on the basis of an inspection but also on the examination of evidence collected over a period of time.
As part of the process OFSTED will also be considering how well a school promotes its cultural, spiritual, moral, social development through a planned curriculum. To help prepare for this (and possibly improve an establishment’s overall performance) the Children’s Safety Education Foundation have produced a wide range of online digital materials that will not only develop the PSHE curriculum but also assist governors and teachers in meeting the new criteria.
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