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Newswire – ICO: Organisations from across the public & voluntary sectors discussed the importance of effective data sharing at an event organised by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in Cardiff. The Information Sharing Conference marks the Wales launch of the ICO’s data sharing code of practice - a good practice guide packed with tips on how to share personal information appropriately that can be applied to all sectors.
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EU News: The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has published its fast track risk assessment on consumer exposure to STEC/VTEC (Shiga toxin or verotoxin producing E.coli) through the consumption of raw vegetables and provided advice on options to mitigate the risks of possible food contamination and human infection.  The strain (STEC O104:H4) responsible for the current outbreak in Germany, although rare, is similar to strains that have been previously reported.
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Newswire – TUC: A new website, Higher Learning at Work has been launched to help learners discover the opportunities available to get better qualifications. There are diagnostic tools to see if you are ready for degree-level studies: traditional entry requirements may not be necessary, your life & work experience will count.  There are courses which have bite-sized modules so that you can combine learning with your work & family commitments and bring your knowledge up to date – See ‘In the News’ section for more information.
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