Guidance Notes and Best Practice Guides

CLG: Housing Minister Grant Shapps has pledged to shut the door to squatters by making homeowners as aware of their rights, as those looking to take over their properties. He has launched an online guide for homeowners setting out their rights and what to do if their property is invaded.
Press release ~ Advice on dealing with squatters in your home
Directgov: Last Friday the communications regulator Ofcom published a new consumer guide that can help you maximise your mobile coverage.  The guide explains what practical steps you can take to maximise your mobile coverage and make sure you’re not left without a signal.
Press release ~ Maximising your mobile coverage (Ofcom) ~ Mobile not-spots (telecoms research from Ofcom) ~ Technology and online services (home and community section) ~ Broadband speeds - consumer advice from Ofcom
LSN: The International Network of Sector Skills Organisations (INSSO) and the Learning & Skills Network (LSN), both not-for-profit organisations, have produced a road map on how a successful network of sector skills organisations can be established, even in countries that currently have no such tradition.
Press release ~ Download a copy of the roadmap now ~ INSSO website
CSEF: Bullying can make life miserable for children and young people of all ages.  It takes many forms, from traditional physical & verbal abuse to more recent social & cyber bullying. National Bullying Week 2010 runs from 15 - 19 November 2010 and aims to send a clear and positive message that bullying is neither acceptable nor inevitable in our schools and communities.
To coincide with Anti-Bullying Week and as core members of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, CSEF has launched a new digital resource Anti-Bullying: The Young Person’s Guide.  The anti-bullying programme has been endorsed by the NSPCC and provides a unique insight into both the tactics by bullies and the effects on victims of bullying and harassment.
Press release ~ Anti-Bullying: The Young Person’s Guide ~ CSEF
CRUK: A new way of predicting how long terminally ill cancer patients have to live, has been devised by Cancer Research UK-funded research. 
Press release ~ *Gwilliam B et al., The prognosis in palliative care study (PiPS)
CLGOver-65s are putting their lives at risk when it comes to the life threatening danger of a fire in the home, with almost 80% dismissing the possibility of fire, despite the fact that over half of all the people killed in an accidental fire in the home are aged 65 or over.  On top of that, a massive 90% overestimate their ability to escape.
The Fire Kills Campaign is reminding over 65s that they’re not invulnerable to the danger of toxic smoke and asking them to become more fire-aware.
Press release ~
FSA: The Financial Services Authority (FSA) last week launched a Know Your Rights booklet for bank & building society customers, to clarify the service standards customers can expect, and to mark the first anniversary of the regulation of banking conduct.
Press release ~ Know Your Rights booklet
Defra: New support for farmers to help them deal with the impacts of bovine TB and reduce the risks of further outbreaks has been announced by Agriculture Minister, Jim Paice. All TB affected cattle farmers can now access free support from the Farm Crisis Network (FCN) on the financial & business implications of an outbreak.  
Trained volunteers will provide confidential advice and information on where to go for more specialised help and support.  For the worst-hit farmers, FCN’s new Business Support Group will work directly with farmers to provide tailored advice through the length of their outbreak.
A comprehensive & balanced bovine TB eradication programme will be published in early 2011.  A consultation on our proposed approach to badger control is currently underway and will close on 8 December 2010.
Press release ~ FCN service ~ Bovine TB Eradication Group for England ~ Stress and Loss – The impact of bovine TB on farming families ~ A set of easy to follow leaflets on dealing with TB in your herd ~ Consultation
LSN: The Learning & Skills Network, in partnership with the Woman’s Leadership Network, has published ‘Next generation of leaders: motivations and leadership in the FE sector’.  

This research aims to inform succession planning across colleges in England by developing a deeper understanding of what motivates people to apply for senior jobs in FE, and what deters them.  It also considers how the sector could increase the numbers & diversity of professionals in the sector aspiring to top jobs.
Press release ~ Next generation of leaders: motivations and leadership in the FE sector ~ Woman’s Leadership Network
CLG: Housing Minister Grant Shapps has published an improved green rating for new homes that will help deliver the next generation of green properties, which are built to the highest standards of sustainable design and could reduce future utility bills by up to £2,250 a year in the most energy efficient homes.
Press release ~ Summary of changes to the Code for Sustainable Homes technical guidance - November 2010 ~ Revisions to the Code for Sustainable Homes: Impact Assessment
NICE: GPs and practice nurses should not diagnose the severity of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) based on measurements of airflow alone, but should consider other factors such as breathlessness and BMI, leading lung experts have said. The call reiterates the updated COPD guidance from NICE which warns that disability in COPD can be poorly reflected by FEV1, a measure of airflow severity.
Press release
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