Guidance Notes and Best Practice Guides

WAG: A new guide to encourage mental health service users and their carers to have a greater role in the planning, development & delivery of mental health services has been published by the Welsh Assembly Government to mark World Mental Health Day.
The document includes:
* a Charter for service users and carer participation which sets out rights and responsibilities
* a ‘Good Practice Checklist & Monitoring Tool’ to help self assess performance & measure progress
* practical examples showing where service users are involved in a number of initiatives
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LSN: The Learning and Skills Network (LSN) are delighted to be involved in delivering the recently launched Diploma support programme, offering training, consultancy and resources to practitioners preparing to deliver the Diploma.
The programme, launched in September, is supported by an extensive website to keep practitioners up to date with all the latest Diploma developments.  Essential core workshops are offered including The Diploma Team – Leading a Line for line leads and Inside the Diploma for all practitioners.  Each consortium is also entitled to three days of free Bespoke Diploma training for each line of learning they deliver.
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WAG: Health Minister, Edwina Hart, has unveiled new plans to improve engagement and consultation with local people & health professionals by the NHS on any proposed changes.  The interim guidance, which will be in place until new guidance is developed when the NHS is reorganised, places a greater emphasis on better explaining why changes are needed, what services will be put in place and how it will improve patient care.

The Minister has also asked NHS Trusts and LHBs to inform the Welsh Assembly Government of any proposed changes over the next 12 months, including the nature of the proposals, the consultation planned and, for how long, as well as the level of public engagement undertaken in developing the proposals.
Press release ~ Ministerial Letter EH/ML/016/08 – Interim Revised NHS Consultation Guidance
UK-IPO: The UK Intellectual Property Office (UK-IPO) is playing an active part in helping the recently established Global Prosecutors' E-Crime Network (GPEN) to overcome intellectual property crime. The UK-IPO is working in partnership with the Crown Prosecution Service in providing a portfolio of IP training material.  The Network's activity will hopefully lead to more successful prosecutions in the fight to overcome the current multi-billion intellectual property crime business.
GPEN has been developed by the high-tech crime unit of the UK CPS's international division in conjunction with the International Association of Prosecutors (IAP).  GPEN is already set up and will go live in January 2009, with a database of e-crime prosecutors, a forum for exchanging advice and the hosting of e-crime material, including a virtual training college and legal guidance.
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TDA: The Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) has launched its first major campaign to tackle the barriers to effective continuing professional development (CPD) in schools.  Spearheaded by education guru, Tim Brighouse, the campaign commences with the release of a national CPD database offering guidance on quality CPD courses.
Further help & resources the TDA provides to help CPD Leaders include:
* An e-directory of best practice on CPD across the country
* Sets of standards for teachers & support staff, with guidance at each career stage
* The School Improvement Planning Framework (SIPF)
* The Senior Leadership Team Toolkit
* Funding for local authorities to set up CPD leader networks, to share best practice
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