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online tool has been launched to let you know if you could work with your neighbours to do just that. The Right to Manage Assessment Tool is a simple online questionnaire, which breaks down the eligibility criteria into a series of yes-no questions.
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EHRC: Recently the Equality and Human Rights Commission has published guidance that explains how human rights law can help Britain's social housing providers deliver the best possible service to tenantsHuman Rights at Home: guidance for social housing providers gives practical advice on how the Human Rights Act relates to issues including allocation of housing, the terms of tenancy agreements, repairs & maintenance, and anti-social behaviour.
The guidance makes it clear that this law does not give people a right to housing or prevent landlords from taking proportionate action if tenants do not pay their rent or engage in anti-social behaviour.
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IPCC: The Independent Police Complaints Commission has welcomed a ministerial statement that police pursuit guidelines have now been given the force of law.  IPCC Commissioner, Tom Davies, who has responsibility for police pursuits, said: "The IPCC conducted a detailed research analysis into police pursuits, published in 2007, which made a major contribution into these revised pursuit guidelines."
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