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BIS:  The offshore marine energy project in Cornwall, which allows developers to test new wave energy technology, has been taken on by the Government to secure its future as a vital part of the 's green energy sources.  The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) took over ownership of the Wave Hub asset from the South West Regional Development Agency (RDA) on the 1 January 2012.

To manage the day-to-day operation of the testing facility on its behalf, BIS has set up a stand-alone operating company, Wave Hub Limited, which will be based in Hayle, Cornwall .  This arrangement will allow the project to build on the operational plans already put in place by the RDA.

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MoD:  Giant sacks, specially designed to transport fuel by air to the front line, have been delivered to troops in . The Air Portable Fuel Containers Mk 5 are enormous rubber balls which enable essential fuel supplies to be delivered by air to more remote areas of operations.  Designed & built in the , the containers have been bought under a £2m, five-year agreement with GKN Aerospace, based in Portsmouth .

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