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HMT: Two grants totalling £30m have been awarded to the Hartree Centre in Daresbury, near Warrington, and its academic & industrial partners to develop new super technology, the Chancellor of the Exchequer has announced. 

* A grant of £19m will go towards developing new technology to make super computers more efficient & improve battery life of devices like laptops, tablets & mobile phones
* A second grant of £11m will fund essential advanced computing capability for the world’s largest radio telescope, allowing groundbreaking research into the origins of the universe.
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OSOrdnance Survey has developed & released a full set of style sheets for all its vector products, including OS MasterMap Topography Layer and OS VectorMap Local.  The new style sheets will help customers & partners reduce the time & resource needed to properly apply cartographic styling for web and GIS visualisation.
Made available under an open licence, Styled Layer Descriptors (SLDs) are commonly used in conjunction with a web server to style data for a web map service (WMS) and have been developed in an open structured format that will easily enable conversion to desktop GIS readable style sheets.  

The new style sheets, an addition to the initial release of a set of OS OpenData SLD’s released in December 2012, will make it easier for users to ‘plug in & play’ and build Ordnance Survey maps into their web services or geographical information system (GIS).
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MoD: British troops in Afghanistan are the first to use state-of-the-art handheld nano surveillance helicopters The Black Hornet Nano Unmanned Air Vehicle measures around 4 inches by 1 inch (10cm x 2.5cm) and provides troops on the ground with vital situational awareness. 

It is equipped with a tiny camera which gives troops reliable full-motion video & still images.  Soldiers are using it to peer around corners or over walls & other obstacles to identify any hidden dangers and the images are displayed on a handheld terminal.
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BIS: Over 1.5m hydrogen powered vehicles could be on UK roads by 2030 according to a joint government-industry study published recently. The forecast is made in an interim report commissioned to evaluate the benefits of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and ensure the UK is well positioned for their commercial roll-out. 

Produced by the UKH2Mobility project the study provides a ‘roadmap’ for the introduction of vehicles & hydrogen refuelling infrastructure in the UK.
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GPS: The new Courier Services framework (RM1006), which went live in early January 2013, includes 21 suppliers of which 12 are SMEs.
The agreement fully supports the Centralised Procurement strategy for courier services and covers the service gaps left by the disbanded Government Car & Dispatch Agency (Government Mail, Mail Screening and ‘Regional Plus’).

In addition, it provides access to a range of specialist providers capable of shipping a variety of consignments including dangerous/hazardous goods, firearms and cash. 
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