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Yorkshire looks Forward to revolutionising Future Care - Thanks to assistance from Regional Development Agency Yorkshire Forward, Tunstall, which specialises in telecare, a range of products which enables older people, people with physical & learning disabilities and chronic conditions live independent lives, has developed ADLife which monitors activities of daily living.
The 2-year project, in conjunction with Barnsley Hospital and using a research & development grant from Yorkshire Forward, has developed hardware & software for ADLife to utilise the most advanced level of telecare – level three.
Level three systems use sensors to build up patterns of daily life around the home. Sensors are used in the kitchen on electrical appliances & cupboards and throughout the home to detect how often certain areas of the property have been accessed. This gives detailed information on mobility, nutrition and bathroom usage.
A pattern of normal activities of daily living is established & monitored for a change in routine which may indicate a change in health status. These patterns can be monitored over time to interpret improvement or decline in a person’s condition.
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