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Newswire – NHSC: While the Health and Social Care Bill is top of the NHS Confederation agenda, the Government’s Localism Bill is also set to make an impact on the NHS, albeit in a more limited way.  The Localism Bill, published in December 2010, will devolve greater powers to councils & neighbourhoods and give local communities more control over housing and planning decisions. A number of key elements of the Bill are relevant to the NHS (see press release). 
Press release ~ NHSC: Political engagement ~ Localism Bill
DirectGov: Anyone hiding money offshore could face penalties of up to 200% under new penalties that come into force from 6 April 2011.  The aim is to cut the hundreds of millions of pounds lost through offshore tax evasion, money which could be used to pay for essential government services.
Press release ~ Tax on overseas income ~ Tax on foreign savings and investment income ~ Tax on overseas earnings from employment ~ Tax on overseas property lettings
DCMS: Following the recent Your Freedom exercise, certain sections of the Digital Economy Act will be reviewed by Ofcom to see if they are workable, the Government has announced. Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has asked Ofcom to assess whether the Act’s reserve powers to enable courts to block websites dedicated to copyright infringement could work. Questions of proportionality & compliance with European commercial law and the Human Rights Act are subject to an ongoing judicial review and will not form part of Ofcom’s review.
Press release ~ Digital Economy Act
Solent NHS the latest Trust to roll out the Energy-Saving Initiative of choice for UK Public Sector