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Defra: Environment Secretary Hilary Benn said that the Government would amend its draft Climate Change Bill, following a three-month public consultation and pre-legislative scrutiny by three parliamentary committees.
When originally published in March 2007, the draft Bill set out legally binding targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the UK by at least 60% by 2050 and 26 to 32% by 2020.  This is to be based on a new system of ’carbon budgets’ set at least fifteen years ahead.  It also proposed the creation of a new independent, expert Committee on Climate Change to advise on the best way to achieve these targets.
The changes to the draft Bill are set out in a Command Paper entitled 'Taking Forward the UK Climate Change Bill' and the Government now plans to introduce a revised Bill to Parliament at the earliest possible legislative opportunity.
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ScotGov: The Scottish Government's Public Health etc (Scotland) Bill is designed to comprehensively modernise Scotland's public health legislation which dates back to 1889, ensuring that organisations responsible for protecting public health are better equipped to protect Scotland from the threat of infectious diseases and contamination.
It is intended to bring public health legislation into line with many other countries and ensure full compliance with the International Health Regulations 2005 which broaden the scope of action beyond infectious diseases to those caused by contamination (biological, chemical and radiological).

The Bill will also include a statutory duty for the provision of mortuaries and amendments to the statutory nuisance regime of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, similar to the statutory nuisance regime in place in England and Wales.
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Home Office: The UK borders bill has gained Royal Assent. This is the latest step in the Government's shake up of the Border and Immigration Agency (BIA), which will see several changes to the immigration system introduced over the next 12 months.
The UK Borders Act is designed to increase the powers the BIA has to build stronger borders, tackle organised crime and remove incentives for illegal immigrants wanting to come to Britain. It also ensures that from 2008 ID cards will be introduced for foreign nationals subject to immigration control.
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Home Office: The Serious Crime Bill has received Royal Assent and its measures are intended to help deliver the Government's strategy to tackle serious organised crime and target the behaviour of those who profit from damage to our communities.
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MoJ: The independent Office for Legal Complaints, introduced under the Legal Services Act which has just received Royal Assent, will remove complaints handling from lawyers and establish a new ombudsman scheme as a single point of entry for all consumer legal complaints.
Its provisions also enable greater consumer choice and flexibility in legal services by removing disproportionate restrictions on business structures, allowing lawyers and non-lawyers to set up businesses together for the first time ever, and enabling services in develop in new, consumer-friendly ways.
The Act also introduces an independent oversight regulator, the Legal Services Board, whose members will be recruited shortly.
Adverts for the post of Chair of the Legal Services Board are due to go out in November.  It is envisaged that the Chair will be appointed by February 2008.
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