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GEO: The Equality Bill has been amended to make clear that treating a woman unfavourably because of pregnancy or maternity - at work or in shops and public services - is unlawful & cannot be justified.  A new ‘dual discrimination’ clause was also inserted into the Bill to allow people directly discriminated against because of a combination of two protected characteristics to make a claim.
The Equality Bill will now go to the Report stage in the House of Commons, when all MPs will be given the opportunity to debate & propose further amendments to the Bill. The majority of the Equality Bill should come into force by Autumn 2010, subject to its progress through Parliament.  This is the earliest anticipated commencement date following Royal Assent.
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DSA: Drivers who passed a car driving test before 1997 were given so-called ‘grandfather rights’ to drive small lorries & minibuses. They will be able to continue driving these vehicles, but will only be able to give tuition in them if they pass the appropriate driving test for the relevant category before 6 April 2010 and meet the relevant medical standards.
Drivers who do not pass the relevant driving test before then will have to wait 3 years from the date they do pass until they can supervise learner drivers.
Press release ~ Driving Standards Agency
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