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DECC: The Energy Act has become law setting in stone the legal framework for the Green Deal, which will be launched in Autumn 2012. DECC’s new ‘Housing Energy Fact File’, published last week, highlights that more than half of homes in Great Britain don’t have sufficient insulation. It shows around 50% more energy is used to heat & power homes than is used to power UK industry.  
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CLG: The process of returning decision-making powers on housing & planning to local communities moved up a gear with the publication last week of environmental assessments of the revocation of each Plan for consultation.  The reports make it clear that ‘revoking Regional Plans will mean there is less top down pressure on communities to review Green Belt’.
8 Environmental Reports have been published on which the CLG are seeking comments from organisations & individuals. The consultation ends on 20 January 2012. Subject to the assessment process they expect the orders revoking the existing Regional Plans to take effect next Spring.
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