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NOCherwell District Council did not do enough to publicise the introduction of charges for blue badge holders and evening users in its car parks finds Local Government Ombudsman, Dr Jane Martin. In her report, issued last week, she says ‘the work done to raise awareness before the changes were implemented was not adequate’.
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OfgemEnergy regulator Ofgem has set out a detailed road map to open up the wholesale electricity market by setting out 3 clear objectives which the Big Six suppliers will have to meet.
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PCS: 7 unions are mounting a legal challenge, on behalf of millions of public sector workers, over what inflation index is used to increase their pensions.
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CLG: Government rules to open up Town Hall pay practices & senior salaries to public scrutiny now include measures to root out any inappropriate tax avoidance arrangements, Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles announced recently.
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PC&PE: New legislation is needed to make it easier for families to resolve the affairs of missing people, according to a new report by the Justice Select Committee.  The MPs want the Ministry of Justice to introduce legislation based on the Scottish Presumption of Death Act 1977.

The new law should set out a single statutory process whereby a certificate of presumed death can be issued to resolve all the affairs of a missing person, in much the same way as a death certificate.
The law that currently relates to resolving the affairs of missing people is a ‘crazy paving’ of statutory & common law provisions. Few police officers or solicitors have experience dealing with it - because the cases are relatively rare - and there is no formal guidance. This makes it expensive and time consuming for families to find out what they need to do.
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Frontline Healthcare Case Study: 4m+ care calls answered whilst £600k+ saved