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OFTManchester United has agreed with the OFT to revise its season ticket terms & conditions to make them clearer & fairer for fans. Following a complaint from the Manchester United Supporters Trust in November, the OFT identified a number of potentially unfair terms with the club's season tickets under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contract Regulations (UTCCRs). The club has responded positively and agreed to amend its terms.
Though Manchester United did not agree that the previous terms & conditions were unfair the club has provided assurances that these changes will be implemented in time for supporters considering the purchase of season tickets for 2009/2010.
In December 2008, the OFT secured an agreement from Tottenham Hotspur to amend its terms & conditions relating to ticket refunds for fans and wrote to the Football Associations of England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland calling on clubs to ensure terms are compliant with the law.
Press release ~ Tottenham Hotspur press release
WAG: Environment Minister Jane Davidson has reminded planners that some planning applications in Wales will require new Design and Access Statements from 1 June 2009.  The Statements that will now accompany planning applications and/or listed building consent, will show how the final design was reached and contain information on the sustainability of the development.
The Welsh Assembly Government expects applicants and all local planning authorities to implement this legislation once it is in place.  Training for local planning authorities will be rolled out shortly.  A revision of TAN 12: ‘Design’ will also be available from this date to provide up to date guidance on design & access issues.
Press release ~ WAG – Sustainable development ~ Current TAN 12 ~ Related consultation
BERR: The Secretary of State has agreed with a recommendation by the Office of Fair Trading that newspaper wholesalers will no longer have to conform to a statutory code of practice requiring them to supply all new retail outlets. The decision was taken following a review carried out by the OFT and an open consultation by BERR.
Changes in circumstances in the market mean the problem the code of practice was designed to address - refusal to supply new retail outlets - is no longer a concern and not likely to re-emerge. There will be a 6 month period for businesses in the industry to review & amend contractual agreements before the undertakings are released with effect from 20 October 2009.
Press release ~ BERR - Newspaper and Magazine Distribution ~ OFT - Newspaper and Magazine Distribution
OFT: The Office of Fair Trading has imposed requirements on Citifinancial Europe plc (Citi) after its terms & conditions had wrongly claimed it did not share joint liability for overseas credit card transactions.  Under the requirements Citi will invite those consumers who feel they may have been misled, and think they have a claim, to contact them.
Under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, credit card issuers are individually & jointly liable with suppliers if a consumer has a valid claim against the supplier for misrepresentation or breach of contract.
Press release ~ Cityfinancial Europe plc requirements
Defra: The draft Flood and Water Management Bill, designed to improve how we prepare for & respond to flood emergencies and better protect water supplies during drought, has been published for public consultation (closes on 24 July 2009) by Environment Secretary Hilary Benn – See ‘Consultations’ section for more information.
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