Legislation / Legal

Home Office: New measures to protect the public from terrorism have been introduced as the Home Office published the Counter Terrorism Bill 2008, which includes proposals to:
* Provide a power to increase the time terror suspects can be held before being charged
* Enable post-charge questioning of terrorist suspects
* Enhance sentences for terrorism-motivated general offences
* Strengthen the monitoring arrangements for convicted terrorists, and
* Ensure full use can be made of DNA in terrorism investigations
Press release ~ Counter Terror Bill 2008 ~ Counter terrorist strategy: CONTEST ~ Home Office - Terrorism and the law ~ Liberty
Defra: A decision to retain & modernise the bird registration scheme in England has bee announced and controls on the keeping of birds will be directed at those native bird species whose conservation status would be most at risk from being taken from the wild for commercial activities.
The revised scheme will introduce proportionate regulation and those bird species considered not at risk will be removed from the scheme and unnecessary burdens placed on responsible bird keepers lifted.  Birds that need to be registered with Defra are listed on schedule 4 to the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.
Press release ~ List of Birds requiring registration ~ Bird Registration Scheme ~ Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)
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