Policy Statements and Initiatives

 ~  are ission for Rural Communities have y are they ng that works when dealing with  the latest FCO: The FCO has commented on the publication of a UN report on climate change.  The , together with the German G8 Presidency, is pressing to secure an agreement among G8 partners and the major emerging economies on the key components of a post-2012 international climate change initiative at the Heiligendamm G8 Summit.

This will be an essential condition for progress at the next UK Climate Change conference in Bali in the Autumn.
Press release ~ Summary version for policy makers ~ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change ~ Defra - Environmental Protection - Climate Change

CLG:  The Commission on Local Councillors is examining the incentives & barriers to a wider range of people standing as candidates for council elections and wants the public's help through a new call for evidence, which will include a monthly discussion forum as part of its evidence gathering. 

It will examine what motivates people to become councillors, the support councillors need to enable them to carry out the role effectively, and what can be done to attract more interested & able people into the role.  It will also look at the issues that might discourage people from becoming councillors.  The Commission will make recommendations by November 2007
Press release ~ Commission on Local Councillors ~ IDEA: 'Community Call for Action' ~ Local government white paper

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