Policy Statements and Initiatives

WAG: The Deputy Minister for Housing & Regeneration, Jocelyn Davies AM, has announced a £4.9m Wales-wide package to provide practical help for older & disabled people to remain in their own homes.  The funding has been awarded to Care & Repair Cymru and to the individual Care & Repair agencies across Wales.   and to the individual across Wales.  
The service helps older people & people with disabilities to repair, improve & adapt their homes to enable them to continue living in them by offering a range of services including:
* advice about housing options
* advice on funding & technical matters
* practical assistance in completing forms, finding a reliable builder, arranging plans & schedules of work
* inspecting the quality of building work
* co-ordination of all the services needed to successfully complete the work
Press release ~ WAG: Help for the disabled and older people
DH: One million mums say their families are eating better & being more active and people are making positive changes to their shopping habits, thanks to Change4Life.  This new data comes as the Government’s healthy living movement celebrates its first year of activity.
In its first year, the focus of the campaign was on young families.  The spotlight will now fall on adults.  This follows new evidence published by the National Heart Forum, which predicts a near 100% rise in diabetes by 2050 unless people take action now. .  This follows new evidence published by the , which unless people take action now.
The next phase of Change4Life will bring a new wave of advertising to our television screens encouraging adults to ‘Swap it, Don’t stop it’ - make simple changes in their diet & lifestyle which will help them lead longer, healthier lives and lose that unwanted spare tyre.
Press release ~ Change4Life - one year on ~ Next Phase: Change4Life Adults Campaign ~ Change4Life ~ National Heart Forum ~ Swap it, don’t stop it leaflet
WAG: With Spring fast approaching, the Welsh tourism industry is gearing up for the Easter period and the summer beyond.  Tourism employs over 100,000 people in Wales and contributes in excess of £3bn to the Welsh economy, so the Welsh Assembly Government recognises the real importance of the sector to Wales.
As part of its continued support of the sector, WAG has announced a number of long-term, multi-million pound investment programmes over recent months to provide tourism in Wales with financial & practical support, demonstrating its commitment to supporting & marketing of Wales as a holiday destination. These include:
* A 5-year £19m heritage tourism project managed by Cadw managed by
* A 5-year Coastal Tourism project (includes a Green Sea programme to maintain & improve our coastal heritage) (includes a to maintain & improve our coastal heritage)
Press release ~ WAG: Heritage tourism project ~ Visit Wales (VW) coastal & sustainable tourism centres of excellence (CoEs) FAQs ~ Coastal Tourism Project ~ Green Sea programme ~ WAG: Visit Wales
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