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113 marginal seats where black vote can decide who wins

OBV’s research, into the power of the Black Vote, has shown that there are 113 seats up and down the country in which the BME voting-age population is bigger than the 2005 notional majority.

Although fifty-four of these seats would be considered as very marginal seats, due to the, 'Clegg' factor during this election campaign, all 115, and many more could be won or lost by an active BME voter.

The Black vote is not homogeneous, but there are concerns that are particular to our communities, such as tackling race inequality within education, employment and the criminal justice system.

The party that can best provide the solutions for these important challenges could win these important seats and overall victory.

Note: Column 3 indicates the sitting MP won that seat by number of votes. Eg. The Croydon Central seat was won by 317 votes.

Click here to view the full list of 113 marginal seats.

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