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Asfari Fellowships at Chatham House

Chatham House (the Royal Institute of International Affairs) is pleased to announce the launch of the Asfari Fellowships at Chatham House, generously supported by the Asfari Foundation.

The institute will offer Fellowship and Senior Fellowship opportunities to three candidates per year for 6–12 months. The fellowships are open to individuals who are resident citizens of Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria, and displaced citizens of these countries living elsewhere in the Middle East. Candidates will be drawn from civil society and the broader civil society-related policy community, including academia, business, the professions and the media.

Chatham House will provide a dynamic base within which potential and established leaders from across the Middle East can pursue their own research interests; develop their skills at personal interaction, communication, and leadership; and extend their global networks and deepen their expertise by contributing to the institute’s research and activities. This experience will provide the Fellows with the training, network and skills to further their contributions to the advancement of civil society in their home countries on their return.

Dr Robin Niblett, Director of Chatham House, said, 'Through the Asfari Fellowships, Chatham House will be able to support independent thinking, at a critical moment, within the growing community of individuals across the Middle East who will be involved in affecting policy at the national, regional and international levels. At the same time, we will benefit from the distinct national, political and cultural perspectives that the Asfari Fellows will bring to the institute.'

Marieke Bosman, Chief Executive Officer of the Asfari Foundation, said, 'The Arab world is going through major changes. There are many great minds in the region with creative ideas for the development of civil society who are in key positions and will be working on issues of great importance to the area and its people. The partnership between the Asfari Foundation and Chatham House will give them the opportunity to work closely with like-minded individuals and institutions to share their ideas and enrich theirs with those of others so they can create change upon their return to the region. We look forward to welcoming the first fellows in September of this year.'

The application window for the 2013 Fellowships will be open between 15 February and 31 May 2013. The first Fellowships will begin in September 2013.

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