Food Standards Agency
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FSA 'steps up' its schools work with eatwell mat

School children all over Scotland will soon have a fun way of working out in the classroom what makes up a balanced diet, following the launch of the Food Standards Agency eatwell plate floor mats.

FSA in Scotland today began sending out the first of the new floor mats to schools and by the end of March each of the country’s 2,752 schools should have received one.

Guidance for teachers on how to get the most out of their mats is also being issued to each primary, secondary and special educational needs establishment. A copy of the guidance can be found at the link below.

The FSA eatwell plate floor mats provide a fun and active way for children to learn about the Agency’s messages on diet and nutrition. They also support the new Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and can be used to aid teachers in their classroom activities.

The majority of Scottish local authorities have requested a bulk delivery of mats from the Agency to enable them to provide training and guidance for teaching staff on how to best use the mat in the classroom environment.

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