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Highways Agency publishes new volume and introduction to The Design Manual for Roads and Bridges'

Highways Agency publishes new volume and introduction to The Design Manual for Roads and Bridges'

HIGHWAYS AGENCY News Release (HA-024-08) issued by The Government News Network on 20 May 2008

The Highways Agency has today published revised Introductions to the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) and Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works (MCHW).

Each volume of the DMRB is focused on a particular aspect or group of aspects of highway or highway structures design or assessment. Continuing with this theme the Agency has also introduced a new volume of the DMRB - Volume 0 - bringing together those parts of the DMRB that are generally applicable to all types of design for highway works covered by the manual.

The revised Introduction to the DMRB will be in this new Volume along with the indexes. It will also include standards such as "Quality Management Systems for Highway Design".

General documents as they are reissued will be designated as GD (General Design Standard) or GA (General Advice Note) documents.

Standards and Specification Policy Team Leader, Mike Weller, said:

"The changes are in response to feedback from people who use the documentation. They are designed to make general documents in the DMRB easier to find and clarify the requirements for Departures from Standards."


1. The full list of standards published today is as follows;

Design Manual for Roads & Bridges: Volume Contents & Alpha Numeric


GD 01/08 - Introduction to the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB)

GD 02/08 - Quality Management Systems for Highway Design (previously issued as HD 46/05)

GD 03/08 - Implementation & Use of the Standards Improvement System (previously issued as HD 34/03)

HD 29/08 - Data for Pavement Assessment

HD 30/08 - Maintenance for Assessment Procedure

TA 89/08 - Use of Passively Safe Signposts, Lighting Columns & Traffic Signal Posts to BS EN 12767

Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works - Volume Contents

Pages & Volume Index

Volume 1 Amendments - Contents, Series 300, 500, 800, 1200, 1900, 2400, 3000 & Appendix A

SD 0/08 - Introduction to the Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works

SA 1/08 - Lists of Compliant/Approved/Registered Products

SD 24/08 - Implementation of May 2008 Amendments to Specification to Highway

Works, Notes for Guidance on Specification of Highway Works, Highway Construction Detail and Preparation of Bills of Quantities for Highway Works

2. Copies of the documents are available via the HA website: in print and on CDrom from TSO Limited (Tel. 08070 600 5522 or http://www.tsoshop.co.uk )

3. DMRB and MCHW documents are developed in partnership with Transport Scotland, Northern Ireland Roads Service and Transport Wales.

4. The Highways Agency is an executive agency of the Department for Transport. We manage, maintain and improve England's motorways and major A roads on behalf of the Secretary of State.

5. Real-time traffic information for England's motorways and major A roads is available:

* From the web at http://www.highways.gov.uk/trafficinfo

* By phone from the Highways Agency 24-hour voice activated phone service on 08700 660 115. (Calls from BT landlines to 0870 numbers will cost no more than 8p per minute; mobile calls usually cost more). 6. Before using a mobile, find a safe place to park. Never stop on the hard shoulder of a motorway except in an emergency. Make sure it's safe and legal before you call.

7. For more general information about the Highways Agency and its work, visit the Highways Agency website http://www.highways.gov.uk, or telephone the Highways Agency Information Line on 08457 50 40 30 at any time. (Calls to 0845 numbers cost no more than 3p/min from BT residential landlines. Call charges from other landlines and mobile networks may vary)

Issued by the Highways Agency press office.

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