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Public Sector Mapping Agreement launches today

Public sector organisations in England and Wales have access to Ordnance Survey mapping data under a single agreement for the first time from 1 April 2011.

Local and central government organisations, as well as NHS organisations, across England and Wales will now benefit from being part of the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) for Ordnance Survey data. The PSMA includes over 750 existing public sector organisations, with provision for 1,000s more, and will result in significant cost savings for the public sector and greater data sharing.

Geographic data provided by Ordnance Survey, including OS MasterMap products, will be free at the point of use for public sector bodies, and will not be subject to limits on re-use when used internally within the public sector for public sector activities.

To help PSMA members maximise efficiency savings and improvements in public service delivery through geographic data, they are able to share ideas and contact each other through a newly created members’ area of Ordnance Survey’s new PSMA website. The updated website also enables members to order and receive their data online for the first time.

The new 10-year agreement replaces the previous data contracts in the form of the local government Mapping Services Agreement, the Pan Government Agreement for central government and the Greater London Authority mapping agreement. Current customers of these existing agreements have been able to sign up for the PSMA since February 2011, with more than 75% doing so ahead of the 1 April launch. From today, many more public sector organisations and groups not covered in existing agreements, will be able to sign up and benefit from the PSMA. Potential new members include health bodies, town and parish councils, Welsh Community Councils and UK Search and Rescue organisations.

Marc Hobell, Head of Public Sector at Ordnance Survey, said, “Today marks a change in the way customers can access our data. Not only is Ordnance Survey making data available to 1,000s more public sector customers, but they are able to order and download much of that data online. The public sector will be able to use Ordnance Survey data in new and innovative ways to improve efficiency, deliver cost savings and improve front-line services.”

The agreement widens access to geographic data as well as introducing a new licensing framework that enables more collaborative working with delivery partners. It will also enable sharing of Ordnance Survey data, and members’ derived data, with anyone to support delivery of the member’s public sector activity.

More information on the PSMA and benefits for members is available on the Ordnance Survey website http://www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/oswebsite/public-sector/mapping-agreement/index.html 

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