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New route into workforce for young Scots

Advanced apprenticeship frameworks to help employers develop staff to degree level will be introduced from April 1, 2012

The plans were unveiled by Education Secretary Michael Russell as part of a number of reforms to make it easier for students to progress through education, for example from college to university or from college to apprenticeships. To help students understand the full range of possible pathways the learner journey will be mapped out and published.

In a statement to Parliament, Mr Russell also confirmed the Scottish Government will introduce legislation in the next parliamentary session to take forward changes to the post-16 system.

Mr Russell said:

“My aim is to create better life chances for young people and support our ambitions for sustainable economic development by preparing learners for work and giving them the tools they need to be productive and stay in employment.

“Our system of post-16 education already plays a crucial role in this, but I want to build on existing strengths and make it much easier for learners to progress through the system in the way that best suits them and their career goals.

“Our Modern Apprenticeships have already provided employment for tens of thousands of young people. I believe this model can help even more young people progress into and through the workplace and that’s why we’ll introduce new technical and professional apprenticeships. The content of these apprenticeships will be set out in response to employer demand ensuring that apprenticeship programme continues to respond to emerging economic need.

“I also want it to be much easier for young people who are at college to progress through to university and will continue to work with the sector to open up and widen access. Legislation in this area is something I will discuss further with the sector, over the coming months.

“These changes go hand in hand with our college regionalisation strategy where colleges will have a stronger strategic role in meetings the needs of learners in their region. In order to do so they will need to increase co-operation between institutions to provide the best learning experience and range of options for all young people once they leave school.”

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The Scottish Government consulted on a programme of reform for post-16 education with the publication of Putting Learners at the Centre in September 2011. The Education Secretary today made a statement to Parliament setting out the Government’s response to that consultation.

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