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New Framework to raise literacy and numeracy standards in schools

The Framework will provide schools with annual expected outcomes in literacy and numeracy for learners aged 5 to 14.

This will help inform teachers of all subjects on how they need to apply literacy and numeracy across the curriculum in order to raise levels of attainment.

Planned reading and numeracy tests will play an important role in the Framework and will provide teachers with clear indicators of skill development and progress.

In the long-term the Framework will provide teachers with the information they need to plan their teaching programmes and alert them to where additional support is needed to help those that are falling behind.

Leighton Andrews said:

“I have been clear in my intentions to improve standards and performance across the board, with a particular focus on literacy and numeracy. This is vital if we are to ensure every child is able to reach their full potential.

“Good literacy and numeracy skills are the bedrock of our plans to deliver educational improvement in Wales. The Framework announced today will help teachers to ensure children are making the progress expected of them and it will raise levels of attainment.”

The National Literacy and Numeracy Framework will be introduced in schools in September 2012 and rolled out across the whole of Wales by 2013.

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