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WWF welcomes Government's £200million 'kick-start' for Green Deal

WWF recently welcomed the Government’s announcement that £200 million will be used as an incentive to launch the Green Deal. The funds could mean that potentially one million households would benefit from £200 to help improve the energy efficiency of their home.

The Government has said that the money will be used as a financial incentive encouraging people to take up their home energy efficiency improvement scheme from Oct 2012 until March 2014.

Zoe Leader, Sustainable Homes Policy Advisor at WWF-UK, said: “This is a great first step towards getting people to green their homes on the scale required.”
“Research has shown that council tax and stamp duty rebates are powerful motivators for the public to take action and WWF encourages the Government to look at these options when using the funding.”
The Government has not yet released details about what mechanism will be used to provide the funds to homeowners - whether this is through council tax rebates, stamp duty rebates or a version of the ‘boiler- scrappage’ scheme.
Another way for the Government to encourage take up is to ensure low interest rates are offered on the Green Deal finance and WWF hopes the Government will look at the role of the green investment bank in achieving this.
For further information please contact:
Kellie Rollings, Tel: 01483 412340, Email: krollings@wwf.org.uk
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