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Scottish studies support enhanced

The delivery of Scottish studies in schools will become a reality following the launch of a key online resource for teachers and pupils.

Following the Scottish Government’s confirmation to take forward the recommendations of the Scottish Studies Working Group, the Studying Scotland resource will now be available in all schools.

Education Scotland has created a ‘one stop shop’ with Study Scotland hosting materials on history, arts and culture, to ensure learning about Scotland is an integral part of learning for all our young people.

Minister for Learning Alasdair Allan said:

“For the past year the Scottish Government has been clear that strengthening learning about Scotland should be integral to Curriculum for Excellence. Alongside strong public support, the formation of the Pittock group, which I welcome, shows that we are far from a lone voice on this subject.

“Last week I was also pleased to welcome the recommendations with the Scottish Studies Working Group, which were sensible and will be achievable.

“The challenge is now to embed learning about Scotland in our schools. Studying Scotland will be a great tool for pupils and teachers alike and will support cross-subject learning in a Scottish context.

“It brings together existing support on the study of Scotland such as Scotland’s History, Scotland’s Stories and Scotland’s Songs with new resources and links to external resources.

“It will enable all children and young people to access coherent and progressive learning about Scotland and will help teachers to include learning about Scotland as they plan ahead.”

Dr Bill Maxwell, Chief Executive of Education Scotland added:

“I am delighted that we are launching this new resource. For teachers and learners alike, the new Studying Scotland online resource will offer an online one stop shop. It will let them study the culture, heritage, history and literature of Scotland in a meaningful and coherent way that can be used as a basis for interdisciplinary learning.

“Studying Scotland will support the Scottish Government’s lifelong learning strategy in enabling learners to develop the attributes, knowledge and skills needed for life, learning and work, and, in doing so, it will contribute to the aspirations of Curriculum for Excellence.”

Related information

Education Scotland will be offering support for the implementation of Studying Scotland in the next financial year, including the following measures:

  • 6-8 professional development events to engage with teachers and support the use of the site
  • Further written materials for the Learning and Teaching Ideas part of the website to be created
  • Collecting and sharing good practice – filming in schools and other establishments
  • Scottish Literature website to be created working with key third parties
  • Working with the Gaelic co-ordinator and Bòrd na Gàidhlig on a robust development of Gaelic language
  • Working with external partners to develop a range of support materials to deliver Studying Scotland

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