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Celebrating the anniversary of Operation Tabarin

Union flag raised at Port Lockroy to commemorate 70 years of continuous British presence in Antarctica

During World War 2, as a result of concerns surrounding increased foreign activity in the Southern Ocean, the British government made the decision to establish a number of permanent bases in Antarctica. “Operation Tabarin”, as it was called, was a monumental event in UK Antarctic history, paving the way for the scientific excellence that has made the UK a world leader in Antarctic science.

To mark its 70th Anniversary, Base “A” Leader Helen Annan raised the Union flag at the historic British base, Port Lockroy.

The buildings at Port Lockroy were unoccupied for over 30 years until 1996, when they were restored to their original 1962 condition by the British Antarctic Survey. The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust open Base ‘A’ every year, giving visitors an insight into early scientific work in Antarctica and Operation Tabarin.

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