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Students warned about scam student finance emails

Students are being warned to watch out for suspicious emails, as they are at increased risk of being targeted by scammers at the start of term.

Students should be particularly wary if they get emails that look like they are from Student Finance England or the Student Loans Company.

'Phishing' risk to students

If you are a student and you get an email that looks like it is from Student Finance England or the Student Loans Company, make sure you don’t give out any personal or bank details.

Student Finance England or the Student Loans Company will never ask you to confirm their bank details via email.

If you do get an email like this, forward it to the email address below so it can be investigated:

Tops tips to avoid scam emails

To help you avoid falling victim to scam emails, Student Finance England has produced the following tips:

Be aware

Phishing scams are common at the three main installment payment dates in September, January and April. Remember that the Student Loans Company and Student Finance England will never ask you to confirm your bank details via email.

You should also bear in mind that you won’t get paid until you register and attend university and allow two to three working days for your payment through the BACS system.

Contact the Student Loans Company

If you get an email which you believe to be a phishing email from the Student Loans Company or Student Finance England, email:

Note that you won’t get a response if you email this address. 


Your email details can be taken from a social networking site, so either don’t give out your email address, or hide it on your page. 

Stay calm

If you have already given your details, stay calm and change your account password as soon as possible. You should also contact the Student Loans Company’s security team by emailing the address:

Reporting fraud

You can also report fraud, or potential fraud to Action fraud. You can do this online by following the link below, or by calling 0300 123 2040.

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