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Chief scientist annual report published

The Food Standards Agency has yesterday published the fourth annual Chief Scientist report, covering the Agency's scientific work from April 2009 to March 2010.

Chief Scientist Andrew Wadge said: ‘Science remains at the heart of the Agency’s work. Our report published today highlights progress in all aspects of food safety with a particular focus on the Agency’s efforts to tackle the food bug campylobacter.

‘Reducing the levels of food poisoning caused by campylobacter is the Agency’s number one food safety priority. About 300,000 people get ill every year as a result of campylobacter and our own survey has shown that 65% of raw chicken is contaminated with the bacteria.

‘This report emphasises the value of working closely with our partners and sharing good information to develop a high quality evidence base, so we can make a real impact on public health problems.’

Other areas covered in the report include:

  • progress on food hygiene delivery and the creation of more risk-based, proportionate official controls on meat
  • changes to the way the Agency commissions research to ensure it fully supports our strategic aims
  • better science governance in the Agency, including a series of independent reviews of the Agency’s scientific advisory committees, to ensure the highest standards of independent scientific advice
  • developments on emerging risks and horizon scanning

The Annual Report of the Chief Scientist 2009/10 can be found at the link below or you can find out more on the Chief Scientist’s blog.

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