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Wales compares the economic and environmental cost of recycling

Local authorities in Wales have the opportunity to compare the financial and environmental costs of different methods of kerbside recycling collections, thanks to a new Eunomia report. 'Kerbside Collections Options: Wales' studies collections in six Welsh local authorities to identify which methods generate the best outcomes.

The WRAP-commissioned report was funded by the Welsh Assembly Government in line with its evidence-based waste policy. The findings will be shared with local authorities, and used to inform the Municipal Sector Plan for waste, which Environment Minister Jane Davidson will launch on 10 March.

The Minister has welcomed the report, saying:

“Our ambition is to recycle at least 70 per cent of our waste by 2025, and we have introduced statutory targets to ensure we achieve this. High recycling means a more prosperous and sustainable society and – as Friends of the Earth report – more much-needed jobs.

“Reaching this level of recycling will not be easy, so it is essential that we give ourselves the best possible chances. That’s why all our decisions must be based on evidence, and why I am committed to building upon and sharing this evidence base.

“This report is an important part of that evidence base, since it recognises both the environmental and economic cost of different recycling methods. Its findings will inform the Municipal Sector Plan, and I hope that local authorities will also use them to develop the sort of recycling services which work best for them.

“I also want to use this opportunity to thank Welsh local authorities for their hard work, and congratulate them for contributing to Wales reaching its highest-ever recycling rate. I urge them to keep up the good work, to continue working together wherever they can, and to use all the evidence available to develop the high recycling society that everyone in Wales deserves.”



The Kerbside Dry Recyclables Collections Study - Wales

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