National Audit Office Press Releases
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Briefing to support the International Development Committee’s inquiry into DfID’s Annual Report and Accounts 2010-11 and Business Plan 2011-15

This briefing complements the Departmental Overview the National Audit Office prepared for the Department for International Development in September 2011 and covers specific topics of particular interest to the Committee.

The briefing examines:

  • the Department’s structure and trends in its expenditure (Part One);
  • the Department’s Multilateral and Bilateral Aid Reviews and its approach to delivering its results (Part Two);
  • the Department’s approach to reducing its administration costs by a third in real terms over the Spending Review period and limiting its total operating costs (Part Three);
  • the restructuring of the Department’s workforce (Part Four); and
  • the Department’s expenditure on technical cooperation and research (Part Five).