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New study reveals depth and impact of fuel poverty amongst rural households

A new study from the Rural Services Network (RSN) for the Commission for Rural Communities (CRC) highlights difficulties rural households may face keeping warm this winter.

The study details the results of targeted household surveys in three rural communities facing high levels of fuel poverty from across Durham, East Riding and Shropshire. The results show a link between fuel poverty and the health and wellbeing of the rural residents surveyed with more of the fuel poor rural households suffering from cold related illnesses such as asthma and respiratory disease than non-fuel poor rural households.

The survey results also showed that over 60% of the rural fuel poor households that do not have a mains gas connection and use oil to heat their homes found it difficult to afford, with that figure rising to over 72% for households with children.

The report recommends that government fuel poverty and energy efficiency policy and programmes should include specific targets to improve the energy performance of off gas and solid wall homes.

Download ‘Understanding the real depth and impact of fuel poverty in rural England’

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