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College of policing will support the fight against crime

A College of Policing will be set up to develop professionalism, improve the evidence base for policing and help officers in the fight against crime, Home Secretary Theresa May announced recently.

The independent body will protect the public interest by enhancing police standards, identifying evidence of what works in policing and sharing best practice among officers.

It will provide a range of functions from supporting the education and professional development of staff and officers to setting standards for specialist skills training such as investigation, intelligence and firearms.

College of Policing

Home Secretary Theresa May said: 'The police service must be radically reformed in order to meet growing challenges and deliver the most effective service possible.

'At the core of this reform will be a new College of Policing which will be representative of all officer and staff ranks and led by the service itself, to ensure that officers have the right training and skills for the future.

'Together with directly elected police and crime commissioners and the new National Crime Agency our reform agenda will improve policing, delivering better value for the taxpayer and give the public a stronger voice.'

The College of Policing will set standards of entry for those who want to become a police officer and will provide some specialist training itself.  It will also consider opening up the police training market to offer value for money in addition to providing careers advice for those who want to move through the ranks and setting standards for promotion and progression.

The body will forge links between the police service and universities, encouraging future academics to specialise in looking at how policing can be made more effective.

The current role of all ACPO business areas in developing national standards and police practice will also come under the responsibility of the College of Policing.

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