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EU completes its police mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The EU Police Mission in (EUPM BiH), the first mission under the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP), completed its mandate yesterday. Initially launched on 1 January 2003 for a period of three years, EUPM continued its mission beyond this at the request of the authorities of BiH, regularly adjusting its size and role as necessary as part of the EU's efforts to support the rule of law.


High Representative Catherine Ashton said: "EUPM BiH has in many respects contributed to shaping our common security and defence policy and the EU's role as a security provider. Since 2003, we have developed the capacity to deploy efficiently both civilian and military means on various continents, and our neighbourhood has always been a priority. The completion of EUPM reflects the progress achieved by in strengthening the rule of law. The mission's achievements will be sustained through the EU Special Representative Peter Sorensen to support further improvements and accompany BiH on its path towards EU accession. I pay tribute to the current Head of Mission Stefan Feller and his three predecessors, to all police officers and experts from all over Europe and beyond and to the local staff who have participated with dedication in this mission."


EUPM worked as part of the broader EU rule of law approach in and in the region, supporting relevant law enforcement agencies and the criminal justice system in the fight against organised crime and corruption, in enhancing the interaction between police and prosecutors and in fostering regional and international cooperation.

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