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ECA’s Annual Activity Report 2010 shows progress in the quality and impact of its work

The European Court of Auditors (ECA) has made its 2010 Annual Activity Report (AAR) available to the public. The AAR provides an overview of the key results and achievements of the ECA during 2010, and the resources used.

The 2010 AAR marks the introduction of a full set of key performance indicators that measure the quality and impact of the ECA’s work. The expert review indicator, where external experts review the content of a sample of the ECA’s audit reports, shows that the ECA is meeting its quality goals. The principal users and auditees of the special reports surveyed rate the quality and impact of the ECA’s recent annual and special reports on average, as good. Another indicator shows that 90% of audit recommendations have been accepted by the auditees - a key indication of impact.

Together with an overview of the new working structure of the ECA – notably the introduction of chambers to streamline decision making - the AAR also provides a description of the ECA’s output in 2010. The ECA’s staff carried out financial and performance audits of the EU’s budgets that resulted in two annual reports (on the EU general budget and the European Development Funds), 40 specific annual reports on the agencies and bodies of the EU, 14 special reports largely on the performance of EU spending and six opinions on matters related to the financial management of the EU budget. These reports and opinions make an important contribution to improving financial management of EU finances. In order to gather audit evidence for these audits, a total of 376 field work assignments were carried out in not only EU member states, but also to countries outside the EU that benefit from EU funding.

Mr Vítor Caldeira, President of the ECA, emphasised, “We are happy with our results in 2010, but recognise the need to further build on this success. The ECA has proven itself to be an effective guardian of the financial interests of the EU’s citizens through the independence, integrity and impartiality of our institution; the professionalism and added value of our work; the excellence and efficiency of our people and organization”.

The AAR also reveals that the independent external audit of the ECA gave its books a clean bill of health, just as in previous years.

The ECA’s 2010 Annual Activity Report is available on the ECA website ( in English. Translations into 21 other EU languages will be added as they become available.

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