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Anish Kapoor, Akram Khan and others talk about the value of public investment in arts and culture – watch our new film

The Arts Council has launched a new film, A Credit To Britain (Demonstrating the value of public investment in arts and culture). Featuring celebrated artists, organisations and locations, the film showcases the world-class creativity our country is home to, and the important role public investment plays in nurturing this talent.

The film features well-known voices from the arts, including sculptor Anish Kapoor, and dancer Tamara Rojo - both of whom highlight the important role public investment in arts and culture has played in their lives.

Godfrey Worsdale, Chief Executive of BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art says: 'What's happened in Gateshead is quite incredible. Creative capital is absolutely essential to the success of almost everything we do. Any particular aspect of life - if it hasn't got really strong creative drive behind it, it will end up buying it in from somewhere else. That's why it's so important to the economy.'

Steve Miller, Chief Executive of Ironbridge Gorge Museum says: 'Ironbridge is known internationally as the birthplace of the industrial revolution. We have more than 60,000 school visits every year, and each one of those children comes into contact with the creativity of those people in the past who've left this legacy. Being able to give those young people particularly that inspiration at just that key point in their development is the best return on investment that can be made.'

Share our advocacy toolkit

We have created an advocacy toolkit which features lots of useful information and advice to help organisations demonstrate the value of public investment in arts and culture including: how to engage with local MPs, media and audiences; to inforgraphics demonstrating what public investment in arts and culture adds to the economy.

You can also join in the conversation online using the hashtag #culturematters, following @ace_national and liking us on Facebook.

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