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Audit Commission - Improving strategic risk management arrangements

The Audit Commission has launched a new risk management diagnostic tool for use across all sectors which focuses on risk leadership, partnership risk management and risk related outcomes.

'Risk it to make it' is based on tried and tested frameworks devised by HM Treasury and contains information on what represents excellent and strongly improving performance through integrated risk management.

This new tool enables an organisation or partnership to:

  • know how well its risk management arrangements are working
  • improve integrating risk management with its corporate business processes
  • target improvement action especially on risk leadership and outcomes.

"The Trust benefited immensely from our involvement in this pilot. We gained an external assurance of our strategic systems and processes, and areas for further work were identified. NEDs and staff including medical representatives involved in the structured interviews and workshops appeared to enjoy their involvement and their ability to affect thinking on this key area for the Trust.
I have no problems recommending this audit tool both to other NHS organisations and the wider public sector."
Adam Cairns, Chief Executive, Airedale NHS Trust

Further information about this tool can be found in our good governance pages.

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