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We must avoid recreating the conditions which led to Mid Staffs scandal, says TUC

Commenting on the independent review into Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust by Robert Francis QC published yesterday (Wednesday), TUC General Secretary Frances O'Grady said:

'There must never be a repeat of the neglect and mistreatment that took place in Mid Staffordshire - a tragedy made worse because of management failure, inadequate regulation and a culture of bullying which meant people were either too scared to speak out or if they did, they were simply ignored.

'But while what happened in Mid Staffordshire was unforgiveable, this is an extreme case and there is good practice and excellent treatment at the overwhelming majority of our hospitals.

'However, Robert Francis' review makes many thorough and detailed recommendations which give us the opportunity to create a culture where the care and safety of patients is always the top concern, no matter where in the UK someone is being treated.

'The worry is that with the combination of huge government spending cuts and the massive changes happening throughout the health service - where private companies are increasingly likely to be the ones providing services in pursuit of profit - we risk re-creating the very conditions and lack of accountability that allowed the Mid Staffordshire tragedy to go unnoticed for so many years.'


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